Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Simple Solution?

Back in November 2007 I posted a "Not So Simple Solution" demonstrating a fairly complicated way to take projects created in Microsoft PhotoStory3 and make them viewable on Macs.

While brainstorming a way to share our 3rd grade Animal Riddles online (thanks Jennifer Gingerich for the project idea) I tried uploading the wmv files created by PhotoStory directly into Voicethread - AND IT WORKED!

Now we can not only share our students' PhotoStory projects, but putting them on Voicethread allows us the option to let others comment back. Nice!

Below is an example. (Until I get an OK from the teacher I've turned off commenting.)


Jeremy Davis said...

Sweet Dennis, great job!

Jenn said...

I have posted quicktime movies to VoiceThread, but am delighted to hear that I now have an option for those PhotoStories. Thanks for sharing.

Cmayfield said...

thanks for sharing! This post showed up in one of my Diigo groups. Neat stuff. Check out my site

Hall Davidson said...

Great post, Dennis. Keep doing such great work!